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“if it doesn’t fit –

it’s not fashion. ”

Daniel Alexander is an award-winning designer from Queensland Australia with over 22 years of experience in the fashion industry. With progressive and imaginative craftsmanship, Daniel radiates sophistication and edge.

Daniel is inspired by women who, not only want to look fabulous, but feel majestic when sliding into a “DA” creation. Daniel’s collections are created for women who have a flair for the dramatic approach and theatrics – women who want to make an elegant yet head-turning statement.

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Valley of DA Dalls

D’ Art


Valley of DA Dalls

D’ Art


Valley of DA Dalls
Autumn / Winter 2021

DA Greatest Showman
Spring / Summer 2020

LA Fashion Week
2019 / 2020

DA of OZ
September 2018


Book a consultation with Daniel Alexander Award winning fashion designer. US $100 30 minute call. Whether you are an up and coming designer or whether you want tips and advice on how to make it in New York or need fashion advice on your project – let Daniel Alexander give you a glimpse into the heart stopping world of fashion

The Man Behind It All

Progressive. Imaginative. Sophisticated. Driven.