The story of Daniel Alexander.

Daniel Alexander is an award-winning designer from Queensland Australia with over 22 years of experience in the fashion industry. With progressive and imaginative craftsmanship, Daniel radiates sophistication and edge.

Daniel is inspired by women who, not only want to look fabulous, but feel majestic when sliding into a “DA” creation. Daniel’s collections are created for women who have a flair for the dramatic approach and theatrics – women who want to make an elegant yet head-turning statement.

Some of Daniel’s biggest inspirations draw from classic Hollywood style, powerful statement-making women like Joan Crawford, and classic films such as the Wizard of Oz, The Wolf of Wall Street and the Greatest Showman. Such were inspirations for previous collections.

“A visionary enthusiast for creative evolution, and a blissful zest for life” 

A recent review

After his recent return from a world tour, Daniel unveiled his ground-breaking  ‘Live Couture Shows’ in New York, Los Angeles, Dubai and Brisbane. 

Also an avid philanthropist, Daniel uses his Live Couture Shows to support charity and community organisations. Within 30 minutes, a couture gown is made on a model in front of a live audience, the gown is then auctioned off, the proceeds going to charity. 

Daniel Alexander is here to shake up the fashion industry and bring modern style to timeless fashion.